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AJH Codes of Conduct and 2019/20 SafeSport Program

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Relax. It's just game.

AJH encourages parents and players to promote fair play, cooperation, and sportsmanship throughout the season. Parental and player expectations are defined in the AJH parent and player codes of conduct, and are found at the top of this web page. AJH is proud to promote such an amazing game, and we ask that you please remember this season to...Relax, Its Just a Game.


Bullying Definition:

  • Repeated and/or severe aggressive behavior among peers
  • Intended or likely to hurt, control or diminish another person emotionally, physically or sexually


  • Name-calling and teasing
  • Excluding or ignoring a member of the team
  • Cyberbullying: Using social or electronic media to hurt, control or diminish someone

Harassment Definition:

  • Repeated and/or severe conduct that causes fear, humiliation or annoyance; offends or degrades; creates a hostile environment; or reflects discriminatory bias
  • Attempts to establish dominance, superiority or power


  • Using racial slurs against a teammate
  • Excluding a teammate based on a perceived difference
  • Teasing a teammate based on stereotypes

Often occurs over issues of:

  • Race/ethnicity/culture
  • Religion
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Physical or mental disability

Hazing Definition:

  • Conduct that subjects another person—physically or emotionally—to anything that may endanger, abuse, humiliate, degrade or intimidate the person as a condition of joining or being accepted by a group
  • Differs from bullying: Hazing is meant to bring someone into a group, not exclude them


  • Requiring a teammate to drink excessive amounts of alcohol as part of initiation
  • Pummeling a teammate with punches to prove they are tough enough to be part of the group

Emotional Misconduct Definition:

  • Repeated and/or severe non-contact behavior involving verbal acts, physical acts and/or acts that deny attention or support
  • Most often occurs between a coach and athlete (rather than among peers)


  • Screaming at a player for a poor performance
  • Ignoring and refusing to coach a player as punishment

Physical Misconduct Definition:

  • Contact and non-contact violations that put an athlete’s physical safety or well-being at risk
  • Does not include well-regulated forms of striking when part of a combat sport


  • Striking an athlete as punishment
  • Forcing an injured athlete to continue playing
  • Denying an athlete water