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AJH Partners with Finesse Hockey

By Staff, 08/07/19, 11:45AM MDT


Professional Online Off-ice Training Program Available for ALL AJH Players

Hello Aspen Hockey Parents,

We are the staff of Finesse Hockey, Coach Pat Knowlton and Coach Jeff Dimmen, and we are excited to announce a new partnership with the Aspen Leafs Junior Hockey Association. We are a Colorado based skill development hockey company that specializes in on and off-ice skill training. We work with athletes of all levels ranging from advanced mites all the way up to college and professional hockey players.

Just like your athletes, we grew up through the ranks of Colorado amateur hockey and fortunately were able to play on Division 1 scholarships and over 12 years of professional hockey. Now we want to give back to the next generation of aspiring hockey players and use the knowledge we’ve gained throughout our careers to help improve your athlete's hockey skills.    

With the hockey season quickly approaching, many of our athlete's parents have reached out with questions regarding their athlete's off ice training; whether its what should my athlete be doing, how should my athlete be training, or they are putting in the time but I'm not sure they are practicing the right way/skills.  We have been in your athlete's shoes, practicing our skills for countless hours wherever we could find space; however, we didn’t have anyone to tell us WHAT OR HOW to train.

We recently developed a unique, progression based online training program that will not only provide your athletes a blueprint for off-ice skill development, but will also provide them with individualized coaching feedback from our Finesse Hockey staff. We are here to coach your athletes in how to practice the right way, encourage them throughout the process, and to provide feedback along the way so that they may reach their hockey goals and dreams.

We are confident if they follow our Finesse Hockey Transformation program they will see a tremendous improvement in their stickhandling, passing, agility and shooting skills.  

Please feel free to reach out at anytime to discuss and we look forward to seeing your athlete's training videos soon! Thank you for your time!

An introduction video and registration for the Finesse Hockey Transformation can be found at:  

All the best,

Pat Knowlton & Jeff Dimmen

Finesse Hockey, LLC