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Tryouts Produce 3 "AA" Teams

By S. Hathaway, 09/11/17, 11:30AM MDT


The 2017-18 Girls 14U, 16U, and 19U AA Rosters Released

Official Girls AA Webpage:

Aspen Junior Hockey hosted the Girls Tier-2 tryouts for all mountain hockey players the past weekend (September 9-10).  AJH is an official member of the CAHA Tier-2 (AA) league, which is operated by the CAHA Team Colorado Girls Board of Directors.  Based on an impressive turnout, Aspen will field teams at the 14UAA, 16UAA, and 19UAA level.  All three teams are officially recognized as national bound, meaning they will have the opportunity to qualify for the USA Hockey national championships.  Last season, the Aspen 14U AA team represented the Rocky Mountain District at nationals (after defeating the Roughriders to claim the District championship).

This season, CAHA's Tier Hockey (Team Colorado Girls) Board is organizing a 14UAA league, with four official jamboree events.  This season Aspen will compete against the Roughriders and Littleton with New Mexico serving as a guest member.  At 16U, two teams (Aspen and the Roughriders) will polish their skills for an eventual state championship matchup and chance to claim a national title.  At 19U, four teams will battle (Aspen, Colorado Springs, Roughriders, and Littleton).  The first event for the girls is a preseason tournament in Aspen, playing as hosts in the 24th Annual Fall Faceoff (October 13-15). Schedules for the remainder of the season will be released soon.

For programming details, visit:

The following are the rosters for all three 2017-18 AA teams:


Forwards: Mia Ammon (00), Olivia Carr (01), Alexis Duke (99), Sophia Fondl (01), Harriet Leeson (99), Jaelin Nakagawa (01), Jasmine Riebel (01), Paige Schlegel (00), Elli Vanderyacht (01), Katie Yocum (01)

Defense: Shelby Brand (00), Gracie Eland (01), Hannah Feder (00), Kaelin Harris (01), Kathryn Guerrieri (01)

Goalies: Sonya Benson (99), Anika Anderson (01)

16U AA:

Forwards: Taylor Ash (02), Lillii Armstrong (03), Andi Bierbaum (02), Casey Buchanan (02), Sami Cassell (02), Casey Chesner (03), Hayley Heineken (02), Laney Martens (02), Leah Horning (02), Juna Rettig (01)

Defense: Lillian Cassidy (03), , Charlotte Howie (02), Kristen Spang (02)

Goalies: Anika Anderson (01), Sammi Jaworski (02)

14U AA

Forwards: Amanda Simeone (03), Ruby Barron (03), Mia Seltzer (03), Atlyn Ganje (03), Olivia Wilson (03), Hannah Popish (03), Milly Carelton (03), Addie Welden (04), Chloe Writer (04)

Defense: Lucy Duryea (03), Caroline Pekkla (04), Lindsey Heinecken (03), Lucy Lampe (03), Bella Shay (03), Sydney Collette (04)

Alternates: Sophia Theriot (04), Ren Bittner (04)

Goalies: Mikayla Ganje (04), Linnea Earl (03)