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The Aspen Junior Hockey Association (AJH) is pleased to offer its Scholarship Program to AJH members. The Scholarship Program is partially funded by Fall Face-Off, fundraisers, contributions, clinics, and camp income generated by the Association during the year.  Due to the limited amount of scholarship funds available and the number of applications received each year, the AJH Board of Directors has established the following requirements and parameters for scholarship applicants:

* Scholarship amounts are for AJH full tuition only – team fees for extra tournaments, away game costs, etc., are not included. 

* The maximum scholarship amount under the scholarships program is 80% of AJH’s full tuition. Scholarship amounts may be adjusted based upon several criteria including, but not limited to, the following:

·      number of years in AJH

·      number of years receiving a scholarship 

·      amount/type of parents volunteering within AJH

·      parental income

·      the amount available for scholarships and # of scholarship applications received, etc.

* If the Applicant is awarded a scholarship, the amount of tuition not covered by the scholarship must be paid to AJH before the athlete may participate in any AJH-sponsored activity, including practices and tryouts.

* The Applicant's account with AJH must be in good standing, i.e., the Applicant does not owe AJH any monies from previous seasons.

Additionally, the AJH Board of Directors has established the following guidelines for processing and utilizing scholarship awards:

     *The scholarship amount awarded to an applicant is based on the full published tuition for the program.

Final scholarship amounts may be adjusted based on the following:

* Applicant and/or parents are not current on volunteer hours and commitments.

* Applicant must be selling Duck Derby Tickets 

Scholarships may be revoked at the discretion of the AJH Board of Directors if the athlete and/or Applicant violate any "Zero Tolerance Policy" of AJH, CAHA, or USA Hockey.  If a scholarship is revoked, the pro-rated funds due to AJH must be paid before the athlete can play in scheduled games or return to AJH the following season.

For AJH Scholarship applicants to be considered, the following items are required to be submitted along with the Scholarship Application:

   * Complete copy of most recent federal income tax return filed by parent(s) of Applicant.

   * Copy of most recent pay stubs with year-to-date income summary for parent(s) of Applicant.

   * Copy of most recent Applicant's academic report card.

   * Statement to the Scholarship Committee that defines the scholarship request explains any unique personal circumstances relating to the scholarship request and explains why the family needs the scholarship.  

This statement should also address the parent(s) availability and commitment to volunteer within AJH (tournaments/fundraisers, etc.) and the parent(s) availability to participate in volunteering commensurate with the amount of the scholarship. The players are also required to give back to AJH based on their age and ability. 

A MINIMUM OF 10 SHIFTS DURING FALL FACE-OFF IS REQUIRED IN ADDITION TO OTHER VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES THROUGHOUT THE SEASON!  Volunteer hours shall be conducted at other AJH events; like Ducky Derby, July 4, Stirling Cup, etc.

Hours are to be submitted to the AJH office for verification.

 Scholarship Applications must be submitted to the AJH Hockey Office on or before 9 am on Friday, August 30, 2024,to be considered for the 2024/25 season.  If additional scholarship funds are available after the August 30 deadline, the second round of applications will be considered if application materials are received before 9 am Monday, September 30, 2024. Please ensure that your application is complete and all of the above-required information is submitted to Jackie Ayers at the AJH Office in a sealed envelope. Should an application be incomplete or not contain all the required information, the AJH staff will contact you to obtain the information. However, this may delay your application's processing, which may cause the application to miss the deadline to be submitted to the AJH Scholarship Committee.

We are delighted to offer the AJH Scholarship Program and the opportunity it provides to assist children in continuing to play hockey. Should you have any questions, please direct them to Jackie Ayers, at (970) 920-7081. 


AJH Board of Directors and 

AJH Scholarship Committee 

Scholarship Application

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