IN-HOUSE 24-25

AJH provides athletes interested in participating in multiple winter sports an opportunity to continue to develop hockey skills without the "team" commitment. For players ages 8-12, participants are differentiated into two groups (based on ability) for two weekly on-ice practices. Game opportunities are limited to in-house competition and pending other regions' programs. AJH In-House program is a non-travel program for those families interested in keeping their kids on the ice. In-house does not have set games and is dependent on other mountain house programs.

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AJH Scholarship Information

AJH In-House 24-25

AJH In-House Starting Thursday, October 3rd, 2024 - February 27th, 2025. Thanksgiving week is off 25-29th & December 23rd - to January 5th for all teams. January 20th and February 17th, no ice for all teams.

Your first session will be with your athlete's age-specific group. For example, if you're 2013, they would skate Monday at 6:15 PM at LIA with the 12U team (Starting October, 7th).

Thursday's In-House only

Cost $875

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